Money Mindset

May 21, 2018

Deborah J. Fryer, PhD is a catalyst for change and a transformational coach and speaker. She works with creative, spiritual, high-achieving entrepreneurs to help them tap into greater confidence, creativity, clarity and calm.

Deborah has a unique background: she's an award-winning filmmaker, has a PhD in Comparative Literature, has been studying yoga and meditation for over 20 years, and she has a pre-medical degree. This full-brain combo of visual, literary, spiritual, kinesthetic and scientific expertise gives Deborah a powerful edge in the mindset department. She's able to bridge science and spirituality, mindset and skillset. ancient wisdom and modern neuroscience, intuition and strategy.


Deborah helps her clients “see” their subconscious programming so they can change their limiting beliefs and habits to create more emotional and financial freedom than they ever thought possible.


Deborah is the author of Best Brain Hacks: 108 Scientific, Spiritual and Sensual Strategies for Success and Turn on Your Tap: Your Guide to Creating Effortless Flow and Abundance. She is the founder of the Anatomy of Money Coaching Programs. She works with clients privately and in groups around the world.


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