About Lainie Sevante Wulkan

Lainie is a 30-year veteran in the entertainment and media fields.  She is the Host and Creator of Zeta Global Radio, a socially conscious and spiritual talk show featuring established and emerging leaders moving humanity forward in a positive way.  Guests have included Dr. Deepak Chopra, renowned Tai Chi healer, Mingtong Gu, award winning Dalai Lama Documentary Filmmaker, Leon Stuparich, CNN Hero of the Year, Jackson Kaguri, world renowned activist, Jil Love, kirtan superstars Jaya Lakshmi & Ananda, Grammy Winning Artist, Richard Kaufman, Matrix Dynamics Speakers, Richard Bartlett and Melissa Joy, bestselling Huffington Post writer, Carole Brody Fleet, vocal and speaking coach to the stars (including Princess Diana) Stewart Pearce and many, many more!

ZGR is in its third year and is currently listened to in 50+ countries with platforms , iTunes, Facebook and http://www.spiritualcommunitiesnetwork.com and back on their mothership, BBS Radio, www.bbsradio.com/zgr as of July 1st, 2017.  With the taglines #expandingthemind and #nourishingthesoul, there are archives of the show available on her website on a myriad of topics to shift consciousness and perspective. 

Lainie is also the Author of Finn’s Giant Leap (www.finnsadventures.com), a positive messaging children’s book for ages 3-9.  Based on a story of believing in oneness, dreaming big and all we ever needed is already inside, the touching story of a frog who gets “his golden wings” to fly while meeting a fairy is capturing hearts young and old all over the planet.  Her newly released music singalong cd, features music inspired from the story. She is currently writing her follow up book, next in the series taking Finn and readers on a new mystical journey where Finn and his friends meet a magical unicorn. 

When not on radio and writing books, she is helping others build their unique presence with media tools with her companies Cinder Cone Worldwide and Enlightened Audio & Sound.Whether it’s a commercial, promo video, film, audio CD or Signature Branded Audio ID theme song, her company she owns with 30 year Music Producer and Film Composer, Howard Wulkan,  will work with you to create the right branding to get noticed! 

She is also involved as Director of Global Sponsorship for FemCity (www.femcity.com). FemCity is a national and international women’s networking group with chapters in most major cities.  With the focus of “business for the soul” Lainie works with dynamic, conscious and highly successful women coast to coast to raise their global footprint to the next level of awareness, similar to what she does for her guests on Zeta Global Radio. 

She and her Husband make their home in sunny Florida having grown up in Los Angeles and spent the last 15 years in New Mexico with two Daughters and their four cats, two dogs, hedgehog and chinchilla. When not attending to the needs of her brood, she busy doing tarot and intuitive readings, traveling and whipping up a creative feast in the kitchen.

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